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Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI/ICOLI)

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI/ICOLI) is life insurance purchased and owned by a corporation or insurance company on the lives of its executives; The insurance is used to help informally finance and/or offset the cost of the companys employee benefit obligations.

We help design, implement, and fund Nonqualified Executive Benefit Plans in order to attract, retain and reward a corporations most valuable asset.... it's key executives.


The uncertain financial atmosphere that has recently hampered the financial services industry has also had an effect on many insurance companies, including COLI/ICOLI Carriers.

Executive Benefit Options has had success working with corporations and insurance companies in order to analyze existing COLI/ICOLI programs and identify opportunities to not only bolster credit worthiness, but in many cases enhance yield with carriers NOT AVAILABLE through other National COLI/ICOLI brokers.

Please contact us to learn how EBO can provide a complementary COLI/ICOLI review.


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